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Peugeot 106 (1996-2003)

  By Richard Dredge
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It's the small cars that the French have always been best at, and the 106 is no exception. Brilliantly styled, a hoot to drive and cheaper than frites, Peugeot's 1990s baby car makes an excellent used buy - especially if you're a young driver and you need cheap transport. Be wary of potential niggles though, as bullet-proof build quality is not Peugeot's strong point.
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Key Dates
6/96: Facelifted 106 arrives.
1/97: GTi goes on sale, with 1.6-litre engine.
5/98: Quiksilver special appears; from May 2000 it's a regular production model
10/97: Rallye derivative on sale.

Peugeot 106 (1996-2003) Checklist

  • Cylinder bores can wear prematurely on 1.5-litre engines, leading to oil being burned - look for blue smoke from the exhaust on acceleration.
  • Seat can chafe wiring for seatbelt pretensioners and airbags.
  • Brake linings, which are glued in place, can come adrift and lock the rear drums in the process.
  • Braking system can be disappointingly ineffective due to wear and incorrect adjustment of various components.
  • Is the spare wheel in its cradle under the boot floor? It often isn't because it's been stolen.
  • 1.5-litre diesel engines need regular oil changes, while they also tend to eat tyres.
  • Catalytic converters fail on 16-valve models if the red line has been hit too often.
  • Sports versions suffer accident damage when young, enthusiastic drivers run out of skill.
We Like
Great dynamically
Fabulous GTi and Rallye
We Don't Like
Awkward driving position
Cramped interiors
Heavy steering
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