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Marcos folds

This week saw the end of the road for Marcos, the British premium sports car manufacturer.

A press release from the company, which was revived from bankruptcy only in 2002, blamed rising costs and market squeeze for the demise.

Quite simply, Marcos was finding it impossible to turn a profit from making hand-built, low volume motors.

Marcos was founded in 1959 and enjoyed decades as an exclusive manufacturer before it went into receivership in 2000.

The Company was restarted in 2002, and under the leadership of managing director Tony Stelliga won acclaim for the TSO, later TSO GT cars.

Analysts suggest that too much was spent developing the products, and not enough on marketing, to prove particularly crucial with sales struggling.

"Regrettably, despite the extraordinary efforts of our employees, suppliers and dealers, we simply could not attain a profit point, reduce our cost base or raise the necessary capital to sustain the business", said Stelliga.

"My sincerest gratitude goes out to everyone that worked relentlessly to revive the Great British Sports Car Company one final time".

Outstanding orders for the TSO GT will be honoured, before Marcos assets are sold off to pay creditors.

Posted on 19.10.2007
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