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Ford Mondeo (2000-2006)

  By Richard Dredge
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Possibly the best-value used car available, thanks to its superb handling, great build quality, generous kit levels and plenty of interior space. But the low-rent image means new Mondeos are generally bought by fleets only, so they've usually covered huge mileages by the time they're available used. That's not necessarily a problem, but you have to check carefully. Do your homework and you could get one of the great automotive bargains.
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Key Dates
10/00: Mondeo II launched as saloon, estate or hatch.
8/01: Direct-injection 2.0 DCi engine replaces previous 2.0 Di unit.
9/01: Brake assist now standard
6/03: Facelift with amended grille, more chrome, new tail light clusters and improved specifications. 1.8 SCi introduced, offering better fuel economy than standard 1.8
8/03: 2.0 DCi engine now Euro IV compliant
7/04: Launch of 3.0 Zetec-S and 3.0 Ghia X. 2.2 TDCi diesel also launched.

Ford Mondeo (2000-2006) Checklist

  • Noisy front and rear door seals are common.
  • DCI 130 engine suffers starting problems, uneven idling, misfires and cutting out. An ECU update is the cure
  • DCI powerplants can smoke and drink oil; it's usually the turbo's oil seals
  • 2.0-litre petrol models suffer from poor fuel delivery, so drive the car under power and check for misfires
  • Underside of doors corrode
  • Rear brake pipes corrode where they pass over the fuel tank
  • Rear subframe bushes wear out, requiring a new subframe
We Like
Great to drive
Well made
Spacious cabins
We Don't Like
Vicious depreciation
Smaller petrol engines too weedy
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