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The man who has sex with cars

A man described as a 'mechapile' has never been attracted to women, instead opting to have sexual relationships with cars.

According to the, Mr Edward Smith of Washington State, U.S., is currently dating a Volkswagen Beetle called 'Vanilla' - appropriately painted in full Love Bug livery.

The 57 year-old writes poems, sings songs and talks to his cars, whilst fervently denying any wrongdoing.

More disturbingly, Mr Smith first had sex with one of his cars at the age of 15, claiming to have never been interested in relationships with either men or women.

There's even some celebrity loving. He claimed his most intense sexual experience was "making love to the helicopter from 1980s TV show Airwolf."

Mr Smith was describing his experiences for a new Channel 5 documentary about his quirks, in which he meets up with other 'enthusiasts' via dedicated websites.

He told the programme, "There are moments way out in the middle of nowhere when I see a little car parked and I swear it needs loving."

Posted on 23.05.2008
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